the INNOVATIVE response
for precise medical technology components

Plastics and metal components for medical applications are manufactured at our Bamberg site where we also have an own tool making department.

Thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers are processed to produce injection blow molded or injection molded components using various techniques – ranging from 1K and 2K technology up to over molding of metal components, or associating brushes with plastic components for cleaning scope devices for example. Our many years of experience in the processing of plastics and metals as well as the manufacturing  and high speed assembly in a specially designed ‘clean room’ under controlled atmospheric conditions (particle limit value according to clean room class 8, DIN EN ISO 14644) ensure highest standards. Even for producing large quantities precision and accuracy play an important role. Unique surface finishes and decorations – individually adapted to each product – finally provide the necessary aesthetics.

Medical and healthcare devices fields such as endoscopy, diagnostic, dentistry and cytology benefit from GEKA Healthcare’s capacity to produce technical components.