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Competencies & Innovations



A steady hand, a little practice, and the right applicator – these are the essentials for creating the perfect line. 
GEKA Style covers the complete range of classic eyeliner applicators and more.

Our eyeliner brushes are comfortable to apply and always designed to produce precisely the desired application result. The ultra-fine brushes, for example, ensure the finest lines. Seeking a fuller finish? Then check out our more voluminous brushes. They conjure up strikingly perfect effects.

Our eyeliner tips are precise and gentle at the same time. Unlike traditional eyeliner tips, they feel pleasant as the liner goes on. Position, draw the line – and that's it. No smearing, no shaking, no irritation. Soft as a brush, yet as precise as a nylon applicator, our flocked definitionLINER combines the advantages of both product types. It is is easier to use, easy to control and easy to guide. 

Thanks to the pleasant, easily controllable material, even inexperienced users can become real professionals.
A gentle stroke, or absolute precision? It doesn't have to be an either-or proposition. Just get to know our eyeliners. We are happy to advise you.