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Competencies & Innovations



GEKA thrives at the very forefront of innovation as the technological leader in the field of molded brushes and cutting-edge production methods for plastics processing, mold production, and cosmetics packaging assembly. 

Our manufacturing expertise is based on decades of experience and a passion for everything that’s new
and extraordinary. 

Across our four leading-edge production facilities in Europe, North and South America, and Asia, we ensure excellence in quality and time-to-market to best serve our customers with both a global presence
and local reach. 

We constantly implement thorough vetting and social compliance auditing at all manufacturing sites to ensure the highest level of product quality, to meet and indeed exceed safety regulations, and to lead by example in temers of social standards. We set the same strict audit requirements for all our vendors.   

We offer our unique, extensive selection of stock packaging options at all of our worldwide manufacturing facilities. We are investing significantly in all global sites and in innovative technologies and are expanding our portfolio year after year. 

Our team can draw on a wide range of expertise when it comes to different manufacturing technologies.
We have the most efficient machinery at our disposal for injection molding, bi-injection molding,
injection blow molding, and extrusion blow molding processes along with assembly excellence. 


We have more than 60 years of experience in injection molding.
The IM manufacturing process allows us to produce high quality packaging, realize sophisticated
and complex items, and ensure a high-quality surface for added decorative finishing.

Whether it’s rectangular bottles, round caps, brightly colored wipers or extra-long shafts, we process
all sorts of different plastics for our customers to that we can create custom-fit packaging. 


Our extensive internal capabilities and experienced teams for developing, constructing and manufacturing tooling makes us unique among our competitors. Every day, our in-house product engineering and mold construction professionals seek out the ideal solutions to provide our customers with a highly competitive speed-to-market. Our efficiency is the result of continual investment in state-of-the-art equipment, in-house training of future talent, and our specialist tooling knowledge.

Our in-house mechanical engineering department develops and manufactures specially designed machines, which are optimally geared to our products and ensure the highest levels of precision and quality. 


The bi-injection molding process is an advanced development of traditional injection molding production.
This method combines two different plastic materials in a single machine. For brushes, it opens up increasing opportunities for design, uniqueness, and filigree quality. The rigid core is produced first, then the soft elastomer for shaping the bristles is injected around it. This results in absolute precision and a super-soft feel during application. 

GEKA owns the patents and proprietary technology for manufacturing bi-injecting brushes through our SANDWICH and Moltrusion™ technology. This makes us the strongest partner for molded brushes in the liquid cosmetics industry.


In the sophisticated cosmetics industry, with its highly varied requirements, we are also masters of the injection blow molding process to provide innovative, intelligent solutions to our customers. We mainly design and manufacture superior visual bottles for lip gloss and mascara with this method. 


The extrusion blow molding process is ideal for manufacturing thin-wall section bottles.
Our in-house experts draw on more than 60 years of experience of this method to best serve our customers
with competitive and cost-effective solutions. This process is ideal for producing small quantities within very reasonable time frames and with the high quality you expect from all GEKA products.


    GEKA has a vast stock catalogue with endless combinations possibilities for color cosmetics packaging with short lead times and no investment required.

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  • customized 

    GEKA can cater for exclusive customer developments with maximum individuality for unique solutions that set new trends in the cosmetics market.  

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