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Our product portfolio comprises applicators and packaging systems for mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner, nail polish and fully finished products. Hereby, we differentiate between two brands: GEKA Style and GEKA Prime.

GEKA Style is our non-exclusive product line for rapid product launches and price-sensitive budgets. It comprises high-quality applicators combined with an attractive package design. What makes them so special? All the units can be individually decorated and paired with each other in an almost limitless range of combinations. This exceptional flexibility eliminates the need to invest in expensive production tools while enabling you to have a greater impact at the POS. Just take a look at our catalog.

GEKA Prime stands for customer exclusive developments with maximum individuality. Completely new and customer-specific cosmetic applicators and packaging that set new trends in the cosmetics market. From enchantingly extravagant to elegantly classic – we make the unexpected possible, offer innovative approaches, and adapt our patented manufacturing processes on an individual basis.

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and beautiful

Whether it‘s mascara, lip gloss, eye shadow, eyeliner – the perfect liquid cosmetic product requires not only the right applicator, but also exactly the right packaging. It‘s what catches the eye when the product is on thenshelf. Combined with a particular application effect, it creates a single to handle. Our GEKA Style packaging solutions offer all this and more:
more possible combinations, more individuality, more noticeable at the POS. Over 300 possible packaging solutions for mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, eyeliner & Co. The families are divided into product categories and into geometric packaging shapes.

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The true star can be found inside the packaging: the applicator that applies the formulation. Whether mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner or nail polish, GEKA offers the perfect applicator for the desired result. This is based not only on decades of production expertise, but also on our passion for what is new. We are constantly developing fresh ideas that are transformed into genuine innovations through special production processes: for instance, the patents for 2K technology and for Moltrusion® technology. Discover our large selection of applicators in our catalog and benefit from customized products.

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Our developments do extremely well in the market. No wonder, because the result are products that provide our customers with the results they desire. Results that are completely unparalleled: our references show what we can do. Dive into a world of unlimited possibilities – our manufacturing methods are the true masters in the art of creating new shapes.