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strong technological leadership

The sophisticated cosmetics industry, with its wide range of different requirements, requires a partner who provides innovative, intelligent solutions. GEKA constantly offers its customers unique new developments which appeal to end users. Whether it‘s unique designs, innovative applicators or special manufacturing processes – over 600 registered trademarks, patents, property rights, and registered designs speak for themselves. This is a level of diversity that makes us stand out from our competitors. We are the only supplier worldwide to have all of the manufacturing technologies for molded brushes available to use freely. Can we offer you a few highlights? We own the patents for 2K technology and for Moltrusion technology. This makes us the strongest partner in the liquid cosmetics industry. GEKA is always a step ahead! Discover what lies behind it.

Our manufacturing expertise is based on decades of experience and a passion for everything that‘s new and unusual. We don‘t rest on our laurels of the technological leadership in the field of molded brushes – we will be applying our
expertise to other market segments in the future too.


Plastic is a fascinating, versatile material. We recognized its potential for the production of mascara brushes long ago – in 2004, we were the first supplier in the world to produce a marketable product. Today, we produce molded brushes using three different, patented injection molding processes. What do all these methods have in common? Outstanding precision, consistent quality, unique results – thanks to production using intelligent high-tech tools. We have now successfully marketed more than 200 million molded brushes. And demand is growing all the time.

Twisted Brushes

With their excellent cross sections and special bristle finishes, conventional brushes also achieve breathtaking make-up results. This is why we are still committed to further refining and improving twisted brushes. Whether it‘s the development of a unique production process for the free distribution of long and short bristles, the transformation of what are actually rough, flat bristle tips into a patented wedge shape, or the production of a patented fiber – our twisted brushes can be precisely tailored to the required application result, thanks to the wide range of unusual manufacturing methods that we use.




Plastics Expertise

GEKA uses cutting-edge production methods for plastics processing, mold production and the assembly of cosmetics packaging. Whether it‘s rectangular bottles, round caps, brightly colored wipers or extra-long shafts – we process all sorts of different plastics for our customers so that we can create custom-fit packaging. And we always work with you to agree on just the right processes that will achieve the best results.
Our team can draw on a wide range of expertise when it comes to the different manufacturing technologies. We have the most efficient machinery at our disposal for injection molding, injection blow molding and extrusion molding processes. Almost all the most renowned international companies rely on us and our packaging expertise.

Packaging Solutions

Smart, individually designed packaging is what catches the eye. And who doesn’t want their product to entice customers at first glance? That’s why GEKA offers a wide range of surface finishing techniques and has integrated hot foil stamping in a fully automated high-speed production process. The multifaceted silk screen printing process is also possible - either in classic form or as a 3D variation to create a haptic feel, perfectly shaped reliefs and extraordinary color effects. For more unusual shapes, there is pad printing, and for multicolored artwork heat transfer foil or sleeve technology offer the ideal decorative options. You prefer it more classically? In-house varnishing and metallization or master batch with glitter particles or metallic pigments are the answer. No matter which method you choose, GEKA is your strong decoration partner.Be sure that we make happen what’s possible.