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GEKA's Best Performing Mascara Combinations    

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The Best Performer Kit

contains the two best performing ready-to-go mascaras
with the following claims:

  • Volume
  • Volume & Definition
  • Volume & Lengthening
  • Volume & Curling
  • Specials (Top Coat, Mascara Base Primer or Lash Serum)

All solutions 

are available as turnkey solution. They are filled, fully tested, and inspected using:

  • Ready-to-go packaging (incl. PCR packaging)
  • Ready-to-go brushes
  • Molded with ready-to-go masterbatches from
    our standard decoration catalogue
  • Decorated with in-house silk screen printing
  • Filled with the best bulk combination

We leverage our extensive in-house capabilities to provide a full turnkey service for mascara development and delivery. This incorporates applicator design, packaging, formulation, lab expertise, graphics, finishing, filling and accessories. A dynamic approach allows customers to select services as required – ensuring an efficient process and a product that perfectly matches the DNA of their beauty brand.


The result has been evaluated by an internal panel test team from different regions to take different lash characteristics into account.
The evaluation examined the volume, curling, lengthening, and separation for each mascara combination.

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