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GEKA presents the new FOR ME collection 


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The new For Me Care collection

The morning routine is all about protection from the sun, pollution, and the elements. A moment purely for you to make a lovely start to your day.


Step 1: Skin Rescue

Apply the Vitamin C Serum, known for its antioxidant properties, which counters skin imperfections and evens out the complexion.

28885 fusionAPPLICATOR

Innovative applicator with very delicate micro bristles for the precise, pure, hygienic, and smooth application of formula

Overall, 50 bristles with 4.23 bristles per mm²

Bristle diameter base: 0.35 mm

Bristle diameter tip: 0.08 mm

Reservoir zone with no bristles in the middle for viscous formula

Ideal for skin care treatment e.g. vitamin c application to ensure pointed and dosage application with maximum precision


Step 2: Concealer

Cover your dark circles and dull skin and apply some glow by correcting your spots with a liquid concealer.

14471 pureIDENTITY

Innovative micro bristle applicator (MBA) in flat design

Patented paintbrush-like design with 25 micro bristles

Micro bristle technology allows the loading and release of an accurate amount of product in a precise, sonsistent and user-independent manner

Ultra-exact and hygienic application, ideal as a spot corrector

Goodbye dark circles, hello good skin day


Step 3: Lash Crush Mascara

Conjure up infinite volume, curl, and length with this creamy vegan mascara that applies easily, thickening and separating the lashes with a dramatic and highly defined effect.

314165 sensitiveDREAM

A classic shaped twisted wire brush made for sensitive eyes

Using GEKA's EOSfoam green fiber that combines three features in one:

EOS is a fiber with an irregular surfaceenabling the brush to pick up plenty of formula and apply it just as quickly.

There's no hurting or stinging during a application due to the sponge-like foam outer shell that is super pleasing to the eye and ensures an ultra-soft feel. 

Green refers to the bio-based material, made from 100% renewable raw material from the castor oil plant.


Step 4: Eyebrow Gel

Tame your brows with this unique fixing gel for an invisible but long-wearing finish.

314178 browDESIGNER

Micro brush for precise eyebrow treatment

With its extra small diameter, it dispenses the formula perfectly over brow hairs, precisely coats hairs, and fills in the brow line

Made of GEKA's EOSgreen fiber, a bio-based, vegan filament derived from the 100% renewable raw material of the castor oil plant

The fiber’s secret: its irregular surface. This is what enables it to pick up plenty of the formula and apply it just as quickly.


Step 5.1: Lip Oil

Complete your skin routine with the lip pampering oil, with it's cushioning texture for sensual natural lips. 

14129 lovelyLIPS (lip oil)

Hygienic, non-flocked applicator to minimize product usage

Soft and flexible one-component applicator

Ergonomically shaped for easy contouring of the lips

Three reservoir zones for nice bulk deposit

The hygienic applicator can simply be wiped clean after use

Available in different colors


Step 5.2:  Lip stain

Or, go for a color highlight and apply the kiss-proof Lip Stain. The lightweight gel glides on effortlessly and dries quickly, leaving behind long-lasting, moisturizing, transfer-free, bold, and even lip color.

0402 classicLIPS (lip stain)

Classical, practical, good

Thanks to its classic shape, this spatula is a multi-benefit tool for many application zones e.g. skin care, lips

This conventional applicator is wonderfully flattering for lips and eyes

Easy to handle, even distribution of the formula

Gently adapts to all types of application fields thanks to its ergonomic shape

Available with antibacterial flock with magnesium oxide


Step 6: Lash & Growth Serum

Before going to bed, apply the lash and brow serum, which keeps lashes healthy while stimulating their growth.

28873 precisionLINER

This MBA applicator is made up 19 delicate micro bristles, which avoid any spreading

Longer bristles in the middle and shorter ones on the outside for maximum precision

Ensures carefully measured application

Easy handling and smooth application

Simple and precise application on the lash line




Remove annoying little hairs with the ergonomic mini tweezer

Beveled tip for even more precise plucking results

Made of high-quality stainless steel



Super soft vegan leather in light crème

Stamped lettering on the front

Protection and accessory in one: GEKA's face masks are double layered with a multi-color print and sustainable cotton on the interior.




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