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GEKA presents the new collection "GARDEN OF LIFE"   

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Beauty Trend – Spring / Summer 2024 

In our garden of life, we've created an earthly paradise where all living things mingle and coexist to protect the nature. Curios, colorful and unique characters are welcome and create dimensions of inclusivity mixed with surreal patterns and utopic makeup looks.


  • Multi-tasking applicator for skin care and color cosmetics
  • Ergonomically shaped applicator for an even formulation dosage and a soft application
  • Intuitive and convenient to use
  • Hygienical applicator – can simply be wiped clean after use
  • Even dosing of the formulation
  • Pleasing feeling during the application
  • Fast and clean application


  • Made of GEKA‘s EOSgreen fiber a fiber consisting of 100% renewable raw material from the castor oil plant
  • Semi closed surface of the brush makes the lashes easier to fall into the gaps, where the bulk is deposited inside, and thus more bulk can be transported onto the lashes
  • The shape of the brush is perfect for lengthening and wonderful defining results
  • Conical shape at the tip of the brush enables a convenient application especially in the corner of the eyes
  • The mix of shorter and longer bristles creates 3 special volume zones and are achieved by GEKA`s HYPNO cut:  in the extra grooves the bulk can deposit inside, and thus more formulation can be transported onto the lashes

Mini blender

  • Multi-tasking applicator for lips and facial makeup
  • Eye-catching design with formula reservoir
  • The formula can deposit in the reservoir zone making it very easy to apply
  • Ideal for lip contouring
  • Easy handling
  • Quick and even makeup results
  • Comfortable application feeling

​​​​​​Fan c brush 

  • Designed for a perfect lash fan effect and heavenly lengthening & separation results
  • A molded brush in spreader design with 2 application zones:
    • Short and straight bristles on one side
    • Spreaded bristles on one side for a slightly curved shape
  • The upper bristles are adapted to the shape of the eyeball
  • The brush glides effortlessly through the lashes forming defined and elongated lashes
  • The short bristles on the tip work magically on tiny lashes
  • Easy handling and precise application without smearing or clumping

2-in-1 gua sha

Skin care tool made of rose quartz for a gently face and nack massage. Use with essential oils, creams and serums to promote perfect skin hydration and rejuvenation. Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, promote circulation and reduce puffiness.



Cosmetic bag

Get inspired and immerse yourself in the surreal world of beauty. The set is perfectly topped off with our fancy shoulder bag, made of leather imitation and an 4-color all over print which allowes space for all your favorite tools.




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