Perfectly coordinated combinations for perfect application results


Our in-house laboratory team provides holistic advice on formulas with the aim of optimally coordinating the formulation, applicator, and packaging. Our team of chemists, polymer experts, packaging and application specialists tests all the parameters of the product thoroughly, using microbiological laboratory testing as well as application tests. With the help of standardized application claim values, the application tests can be evaluated and reproduced as part of a brush comparison. Where required, we are happy to discuss bulk recommendations and provide you with information on viscosity. In addition, we can advise you on matters relating to formulation and test all materials for compatibility and quality in our own laboratory. 

Learn from the experts 


We leave nothing to chance
The result: ideally coordinated product combinations

Holistic formulation advice

Reliable test methods including microbiological laboratory
Examinations and application tests

Standardized rating values for volume, curling, lengthening and separation

Formula recommendations and first-hand information on viscosity

Comprehensive application and panel tests
before product launch

Accurate documentation for scientifically
sound recommendations 

Find your perfect match

Mascara Workshop

How better to respond to what our customers want than to engage with them directly face-to-face? That is the simple principle behind our Mascara Workshop, where we invite you to develop your product with us.

One day of constructive discussions yields results that inspire. With the right instinct for trends, we will find the perfect product for you and your customers in a single day. You tell us your requirements in relation to volume, fibers, the brush, packaging, and formulation and we advise and test possibilities during the workshop.

By the end of the day, you will receive exactly the product combination that you want, and gain interesting
insights and targeted advice on top.

The best service for the most demanding requirements


With every product, however small, we at GEKA deliver premium quality.
We combine conventional tests such as the Scotch tape test and the cross-cut test with innovative technologies, state-of-the-art measuring devices, renowned manufacturers, and the know-how of our expert employees.
In this way, you can be sure that every product that leaves our doors is rigorously checked down to the smallest detail.

Light Test | Viscosity | Compatibility test | Efficacy test (e.g. long lasting for gloss, waterproof test)
Challenge test | Viscosity | PIF (product information file) | Black list check | QQ/IL supply
Color-matching for mascara and gloss | Enamel test | Lip gloss SPF

GEKA offers the following tests
as standard
Chemical inspection - bulk:
  • Color (compared to reference sample)

  • Odor (compared to reference sample)

  • pH value

  • Drying characteristics

  • Density

  • Check of bulk certificate

Physical inspection – filled units:
  • Filling volume
Microbiological inspection:
  • Total germ count

  • Exclusion of pathogen germs

GEKA offers additional tests 
(additional costs may apply): 
Chemical inspection:
  • Challenge test (microbiological stability test over time)

  • Efficiency test (efficiency of application result, e.g. more volume)

  • In vitro test (eye irritation test)

  • Human patch test (skin test to evaluate potential skin irritation after contact with a cosmetics product)

  • Ophthalmological test (verifies if the tested cosmetics product is tolerable and safe on eyes)

  • Safety assessments (compliance with EU 1223/2009 from bulk perspective)

Physical inspection – filled units:
  • Filling volume

  • Weight loss test

  • Compatibility test

  • Application test

  • Wiping test



Supported by our comprehensive market insights and our grasp of the latest trends, we are happy to offer advice,
either as an ad hoc service or a full-service solution!

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