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Cosmetics packaging
can be both aesthetic
attractive & sustainable.

GEKA is committed to sustainability – in production processes and employee management as well as at product level. We offer truthful, reliable and responsible packaging solutions for your cosmetics and beauty products – and that down to the smallest piece, if it’s the fiber of a mascara or the cap of a cosmetic bottle, packaging for skincare products or vegan make-up. 

Our sustainable cosmetics and beauty packaging solutions are made of: 

Recycled packaging & sustainable cosmetics packaging for beauty & cosmetics 

Caps & bottles: 
We are able to offer eco-friendly caps molded of 100 % PCR-PP material and bottles molded of 100 % PCR-PET material. 

We serve flocked applicators for lip and face treatment with a minimum of 25 % recycled flock material or completely non-flocked applicators to reduce material usage to a minimum. 

Cosmetics packaging made of bio-based material

Our exclusive sustainable brushes for mascara are made of bio-based fiber consisting of 100 % renewable raw materials.

We serve wipers made of LLDPE material with a bio-based content of minimum of 84 %, 
derived from sugar cane.

Thread parts: 
We provide thread parts made of 100 % bio-based materials delivered from the renewable castor oil plant. 

GEKA cosmetics packaging: sustainability at all levels

Not only the visible parts of our cosmetics and beauty packaging are sustainable and eco-friendly. We use leading-edge oil purification systems to maximize the lifetimes of oils used in our production process. GEKA also takes great care in its use of water – the elixir of life – with a closed loop cooling system in which water is circulated to provide sustainable industrial cooling.

At our head quarter in Bechhofen, Germany, we rely on the efficiency of our own environmentally friendly cogeneration unit to supply both energy and heat.



Supported by our comprehensive market insights and our grasp of the latest trends, we are happy to offer advice
to our sustainable cosmetics and beauty packaging – either as an exclusive development or a full-service solution!

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