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The appearance of a product and the design of the packaging are critical to the purchasing decision. Smart, individually designed packaging is what it takes to catch the eye, appeal to customers through all their senses, and emotionalize end consumers through the colors, fonts, shape, and more.

That’s why GEKA offers a wide range of highly effective in-house surface finishing techniques to align the packaging with your brand aesthetics and keep your product on trend. Every day, our team of decoration experts works together with our customers to develop new aesthetic masterpieces and reinvent old products with added-value finishes through our in-house silk screen printing, hot foil stamping, metallization, and lacquering finishes.  

No matter which method you choose, GEKA is your go-to decoration partner.
If it’s possible, we’ll make it happen. 


New printing technology 

A more sustainable process using no additional foil or ink, it delivers striking surface finishes for packaging, helping customers achieve perfect brand aesthetics. Shadow printing has 360° design application, for a combination of matt and shiny surfaces. This decoration technique is incredibly flexible, allowing complex customized elements and patterns to be applied to bottles or caps. Combined with textures that create vivid surface finishes, customers can create extraordinary aesthetics that reflect brand identity. In fact, matt and shiny surfaces can be incorporated within the same design for maximum visual effect. When supplemented with hot foil stamp or silk screen printing, the opportunities are almost endless, ensuring uniqueness for any cosmetic.


Our facilities for metallization and lacquering varnishes achieve a high-end appearance paired with optimum product quality for a luxury finish. 

We use three different varnish methods: UV varnish, solvent-based varnish, and water-based varnish. We also offer several effects, including matte, shiny, soft touch, color gradients, frosted, and pearlescent finishes. As a sustainable alternative for an eco-friendly, high-end finish, we can use water-based coating. 


This is the preferred decorative method for a matte color effect. Our state-of-the-art silk screen machines use an energy-saving UVLED drying system and can print on bottles and containers with cylindrical, conical or bulbous parts.

In addition, they are also equipped with an integrated, fully automatic camera system which checks the printing of the parts for completeness or errors. The machines are loaded fully automatically: the bottles are brought into the correct position before they are placed on conveyor belts for further transport. To ensure the quality control of the entire decoration process, the exposure and coating of screens take place in-house.


We have integrated hot foil stamping into a fully automated high-speed production process.  

The in-line decoration process allows us to produce bottles, assemble wipers, and finish the decoration in the same line. For turnkey solutions, our customers can choose between 30 hot foil variants with various colors and effects - ideal for time-to-market and price sensitive budgets. 

In addition, we can integrate our customers at an early stage of the decoration process to develop new foils that optimally complement the brand’s appearance. You can choose between shiny, matte, metallic, holographic, and 3D foil effects. We are also able to offer two-colored hot foil decoration and a combination of hot foil stamping with silk screen print.


Our in-house heat transfer foil offers the ideal decorative option for ulticolored artwork. We are able to apply metallized foils, foils with gradation, solid colors on round parts, and even combinations.

It is also possible tu use sleeve decoration for irregulary shaped products if all-over decoration is required.
This method enables all-over decoration of 360° from edge to edge and is available with multi-color print, color gradation, and special effects like haptic, metallic or soft touch effects. It is a speed-to-market
option, as all decorative effects are implemented in one step. 


Packaging can be made fascitnating at the point of sale without adding an additional coating by using masterbatch effects.

We are recognized for our knowledge and wide range of possible effects for plastic molding. We offer metallic masterbatch with extra high-gloss pigment, our exclusively developed metallic chrome masterbatch with an innovative type of metallic pigment to achieve real chrome surfaces, as well as flip flop masterbatch, where the color changes depending on the light, and marble masterbatch for maximum uniqueness. Decorating with masterbatch effects is an ideal alternative to time-consuming multi-step decoration.


Our highly knowledgeable decoration experts have extensive experience and are real masters of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The committed team creates tailored solutions for customers’ requirements, advising on the ideal decorative method to achieve their objectives. We start with the design challenge and push the limits of feasibility.
With our sample machinery pool, we provide our clients with quick prototyping and the first samples at speed.
Contact us - we are happy to advise you.




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