How better to respond to what our customers want than to engage with them directly face-to-face? That is the simple principle behind our Mascara Workshop, where we invite you to develop your product with us.

One day of constructive discussions yields results that inspire. With the right instinct for trends, we will find the perfect product for you and your customers in a single day. You tell us your requirements in relation to volume, fibers, the brush, packaging, and formulation and we advise and test possibilities during the workshop.

By the end of the day, you will receive exactly the product combination that you want, and gain interesting
insights and targeted advice on top.

Step 01
We provide you with targeted advice on trends and feasibility

Step 02
We determine the perfect product combination for you based on your requirements 

Step 03
Our experts implement your requirements and develop your product

Step 04
We test your finished product on the same day


Bulk & formulation compliant PCR-PP Material
for primary cosmetic packaging.