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This innovative two-shot technology works with two different plastic materials – a soft one for the bristles and a harder one for the core.
The soft material is injected first, then the harder material is introduced.The result: a stable core with extremely soft bristles that do not stitch on the eyelid. Comfortable application feeling due to the super soft bristles.


GEKA`s two shot technology results in a stable brush core, surrounded by flexible and soft bristles. Thanks to the harder brush core, the lashes are precisely lifted and perfectly separated, while the extremely soft bristles reach even the finest eyelashes. With its curved shape, it is perfectly adapted to the lash line and coats every lash in an instant. The brush picks up every single lash and carefully bends it into a curl from base to tip. Improved eyelash penetration due to the conical shaped bristles (avoids any clumping). Shorter bristles at the tip allows a precise application at the inner eye corner without smudging.


This two-material brush delivers extreme volume, with the stiffer core material providing stability while the outer bristle material catching each lash. The shape of the brush with its mix of shorter and longer bristles gives great volume to the lashes. The short bristles deliver the bulk while the longer bristles comb and distribute the formulation evenly on the eyelashes. Bristles on the tip of the brush give an extra “push”, can be used to accentuate the lashes on the lower lid and work magic on the tiniest lashes in the eye corner. A twisting action during the application helps to lift up and separate the lashes with the longer bristles. The even delivery of the bulk builds up, coats and thickens the lashes. Improved eyelash penetration due to the conical shaped bristles.


With a stiffer inner brush core, lashes are lifted and separated while the softer, outer material is extremely soft and gentle on the lashes for a surprisingly easy application. Two application zones for unbelievably defined volume: One brush side is shaped like a football which acts as an application and combing zone. The slight hour glass shaped side of the brush works like a bulk reservoir to apply more formula on the lashes for an extra volume effect. The design of the tip ensures a smudge-free application, the push-up effect enables precise styling. Special zig zag shaped bristles with bulk reservoir enable an easy application and a great push up effect.


With a stiffer inner brush core, the brush is stable enough to lift and separate the lashes. The transparent, softer outer bristles reach each lash. Alternate rows of conical bristles and slim wedge shaped
discs: The gaps between the bristles and discs create bulk reservoir zones so that a lot of formula can be transported to the lashes. Lashes do not stick together as they are separated and lengthened
by the bristles and discs. A slight hourglass shape adapts to the natural contours of the eye’s lash line. Bristles are the tip are great for styling, reaching the tiniest lashes. Customizable color options. 




Bulk & formulation complaint  PCR-PP Material
for primary cosmetic packaging.